Message to Students & Parents!

What to expect from the first few classes!

If you are ready for an opportunity to challenge and build your skills, Capoeira is the right class for you! All classes are tailored according to the level of skill required for entry, and each class will prepare the student for the next step.

Students have varying ability and belts within each class; therefore, the Instructors provide variations of the sequences as needed. This provides extra learning opportunities, and allows for faster growth with the lower belts.

When you come to class you can expect to sweat! We suggest students bring water to re hydrate during short breaks throughout the class. Although Uniforms are not required immediately, they will be an expectation after the first month or first session. Prior to purchasing your uniform, you should wear comfortable clothing you would wear to a gym.

As with most sports and martial arts classes, Discipline, Appropriate Clothing, Consistency and a Positive Attitude is an expectation in Capoeira. This is enforced in a constructive way in all our classes. If students choose not to abide, we consider it fair that the instructor can ask the student to sit the class out.